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勁亞運動公司專注於舉辦各類型運動比賽,並擁有豐富經驗及強大的運動網絡。過往合作的單位,包括香港三項鐡人總會、田徑總會、北區體育會、全球鐡三、Samsung、POLAR運動手錶、KAILAS、Plantronics、Hong Kong Corporis、Eleeels、New-HALE、AB Tronic、Running Biji HK、Overstim.s 、Hung Fook Tong、Red Interactive、Cam 2  運動零售商舖等等….在忙碌的生活中,都城市人週末參加不同類型的運動比賽作為一種壓力舒緩及保持身心健康的方法。因此本公司亦致力發展不同類型的比賽提提供給不同運動愛好者的需要。


本公司除了對各項運動有專業的了解外, 亦有豐富的經驗舉行不同類型的運動比賽。在過往的幾年間,本公司已舉辦過不同的路跑、越野跑及三項鐵人比賽。而在比賽的標準及規格上,亦擁有了豐富的舉辦經驗。除了專業比賽外,我們亦提供戶外活動項目例如露營及行山項目等。我們團隊裏,除了擁有專業的運動人士外,在安排場地,賽事設計、比賽用品租用、場地佈置及物流運輸上亦可代為安排及處理。有鑒於香港的忙碌生活及急速節奏下,都市人的各類運動的愛好及熱誠亦有增無減。因此,本公司亦致力提供不同類型的比賽活動提供給本地運動愛好者及外地人士來參與比賽及交流。在過往比賽中,本公司累積了一定數量的運動愛好者的支持及不停完善我們的比賽,令各位運動員能夠在熱烈的歡呼聲及鼓勵中享受每一個比賽。




Power Aisa Limited is Hong Kong base sport event company. We specialize in organizing various sports events in Hong Kong with our proficiency and networks in sports field.  Our firm has been collaborated with reputed organizations in Hong Kong such as Hong Kong Triathlon Association, HKAAA, North District Sports Association, Samsung, POLAR and Cam 2 Sports…..etc


Hong Kong is a bustling city, people participating in different types of sports competitions on weekends as a way to relieve stress and maintain physical and mental health.  Power Asia is committed to developing different types of sport races to meet the needs of different sports enthusiasts.


In addition to our expertise in  various sports. Power Asia also has a wealth of experience to hold different types of sports competitions. In the past few years, the company has held different  high standard and quality running, trail running and triathlon competitions. Apart from the professional competitions, we also offer outdoor activities such as camping and hiking to public. Our team offer services in arrangement of venue, design, competition related supplies, venue layout and logistics. In the past competitions, Power Asia  has accumulated a certain number of sports enthusiasts to support our events. In the sametime, we are also constantly improving our services quality and standard to the public. We wish all participants could enjoy warm cheers and joyfulness with our events every time.

Besides the  professional sports events, there are also competitions catering the needs for families and children. We have collaboration with different schools and North District Sports Associations to co-operate in different outdoor activities. Power Asia also provides social work support and education programs to promote wellness living and child development. Our firm hopes to bring a new experience about life to metropolitan through sports and advocacy work life balance lifestyle in Hong Kong.


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