POLAR Vantage Challenge全長30公里,跨越城門及大帽山附近的山徑,包括龍門郊遊徑、大帽山道、鉛礦凹、草山、針山等 。全程總爬升幅度大約1,300米。這是一個非常富挑戰性的越野賽事,參加者必須要有充份的訓練才能於時限6.5小時內完成比賽。


POLAR Vantage Challenge 30km covers the most scenic trails in Shing Mun and Tai Mo Shan Area, including Lung Mun Country Trail, Tai Mo Shan Road, Lead Mine Pass, Grassy Hill, Needle Hill, for a cumulative elevation gain of about 1,300 meters. This is a challenging trail run which requires adequate training to complete the full route within 6.5 hours.



參加競爭團隊獎條件 :

1, 最少10人或以上 ( 兩個賽程合併計算足夠10人也可 )

2, 其中最少要有3位或以上女隊員

3.報名時必須以統一名稱登記, 一旦成功發記報名, 不可更改隊名


*團隊賽計分方式 : 計算隊伍裡最好成績的10位跑手時間,其中最少要有3位或以上女跑手的成績组成,不足10人完成不合乎爭奪團體獎項資格*

To participate in the competition team award conditions:

1, at least 10 people or more (can be combined for two races)

2, at least 3 or more female players

3. Registration must be registered under a uniform name. Once the registration is successful, the team name cannot be changed.

4, Competition team award age is above 18

* Team Matching Method: Calculate the 10 runners’ time for the best score in the team. At least 3 or more female runners should be included. Less than 10 people will be eligible for the competition.*
Team match scoring method to combine two schedule calculations






參與Polar Vantage Challenge的參賽者必須遵守大會所定下所有規則及裝備要求。 在比賽期間大會會進行隨機裝備檢查,如發現參賽者有任何裝備遺漏,將有可以增加罰分或至取消比賽資格,所有判決一律以賽事總監決定作準。


Runners are required to be semi self-sufficient, and must have their mandatory equipment with them at all times during the race. There won’t be drop bag on the course and support crew can only provide food/drinks at the check points. NO outside assistance is authorized beyond the limits of the check points (any food/drinks found on the course will be collected by the staff and the participant responsible will be penalized). Pacer and support runners are strictly prohibited.  The participant may be penalized or disqualified for breaches of the rules.


Taking part in the Polar Vantage Challenge involves accepting without reservation the current regulations and the ethic of the race. There will be random gear checks during the event and if you are missing any item you will incur a penalty up to the disqualification, on the discretion to the race director.

  • 隨身攜帶至少1公升水(水壺或水袋)

  • 手提電話 (必須能夠打出電話)

  • 個人補給食物(至少200 大卡)

  • 現金(至少100港元)

  • 號碼布 (主辦單位聯絡人電話將會列印在號碼布上)

  • 個人環保杯。為提倡環保賽事,比賽全程不提供任何形式瓶裝水或紙杯,選手須自帶環保杯以飲用檢查站所提供的各種飲料。


  • Stock of water minimum 1 litre (bottle or bladder)

  • Mobile phone (Must be able to make phone calls)

  • Food reserve (min. 200 cal.)

  • Cash (min. HKD100)

  • Race number (phone numbers of the organizers will be on your bib)

  • Personal cup.  To avoid the wastage of plastic cups at the checkpoints, you must bring your cup along in order to enjoy the different beverages offered.




Drop bag only at the start/finish. A bag tag is provided in your race pack. You must write on the tag your race number, your mobile number. On the morning of the race there will be tents where you can drop your bag that you will recover at the finish.






Except for injuries, a runner must not retire anywhere else other than at a checkpoint. He must therefore inform the person in charge of the checkpoint, who will definitively invalidate his race bib and recuperates the electronic chip.


Once you are dropped out of the race you can no longer rejoin.






The route will be marked with ribbons and arrows at intersections. It is recommended to bring the map with you.


It is imperative that you follow the paths with the markers without taking any short cuts. Any runner seen taking a short cut along the route will be penalized/disqualified.


  • 尊重及保護大自然,不要採摘或取走任何植物或動物。

  • 選手如在比賽中使用行山杖,請小心不要傷害到其他選手及行山人士。

  • 比賽進行期間行山徑仍然對所有行山人士開放,請尊重其他享用行山徑人士的權利。

  • 選手在比賽期間嚴禁使用擴音器。

  • 在狹窄或危險的路段請不要超越其他選手。

  • 比賽進行途中會經過民居及住宅區,尤其在晚上請保持安靜。

  • 如在比賽時使用耳機,請保持警覺及不要隔絕所有外來聲音。可能有其他人士會向你求助。

  • 請禮貌對待工作人員及義工。​


  • Respect the nature environment, do not damage any plants and animal you encounter along the course. Leave no trace.

  • If you are using trekking poles, please be considerate and be careful not to hurt runners/hikers around you.

  • The trail is still open to other hikers during the race, please respect other people who share the trail.

  • Using loud speaker is prohibited during the race.

  • Do not attempt to pass other runners on narrow or dangerous trail sections.

  • The course will be passing some residential areas, please lower your voice and do not disturb local residents especially at night.

  • If you are wearing earphones, please make sure you are not isolated from the surrounding environment. Other people may need your help.

  • Please respect and be polite to our volunteers and staffs at all time.​



家樂坊 Cam2

地址 : 旺角登打士街56號1006-1013室

營業時間: 12pm (中午) - 7pm


日期: 2020年5月09日至11日 (暫定)




Race packs will be available for collection at:

Gala Place Cam2 Store

Address : Room 1006-1013, 10/F., Gala Place, 56 Dundas Street, Mong Kok

Race Pack Pick Up Hours: 12pm (noon) - 7pm


Date: 09-11 May 2020 (TBC)

Pick up for friends: You can collect race pack for several runners but you must bring a copy (print or digital) of the I.D. of each participant.

For overseas (ONLY), it will be possible to collect your race pack at the start on race day from 07:00.




起點及終點 – 荃灣城門水塘大壩

1. 的士 - 從荃灣鐵路站出發: 約4公里車程約15分鐘。車資大約港幣40 - 60元。

2. 綠色公共小巴82號,由荃灣兆和街開出終站城門水塘。首班車05:50,每8-15分鐘一班。車資為港幣$5.2



The event starts and ends in Tsuen Wan Shing Mun Reservoir Main Dam. It will be possible to collect your race pack on the event morning (only for overseas runners).



Start & Finish – Tsuen Wan Shing Mun Reservoir Main Dam

1. Taxi from Tsuen Wan MTR Station: 4km driving distance around 15 minutes. Estimate cost HKD$40-$60

2. Green Minibus 82 from Tsuen Wan (Shiu Wo Street) to Shing Mun Reservoir, first bus 05:50, frequency - every 8-15 minutes. HKD$5.2


荃灣兆和街 (Tsuen Wan Shiu Wo Street)